CRSNP - Customs Related Software and Network Providers


CRSNP is a special interest group of Belgian Software and Network Providers active in the field of Customs IT Solutions. The main goal of the group is to act as a common discussion partner towards the Belgian Government, and particularly towards the Belgian Customs.

In Belgium, importers, exporters and customs brokers are required to fulfill their customs formalities with the aid of automated customs clearing systems.

CRSNP is a non-profit agency of which the founding members supply IT solutions to access and use these clearing systems. As such, CRSNP represents more then 90 percent of the companies that actively use these clearing systems. Therefore, CRSNP's primary goal is to be the united voice of its clients and defend their interests in technical and practical matters of the current clearing systems, as well as taking actively part in the development and deployment of future clearing systems. From that perspective, the group can offer its bundled IT experience in the field of Customs Solutions to the local and European governments to assist them with the continued evolution in the field of electronic customs declarations.